XML Upload Tool

Tied to Groveware Technologies’ eXFORMA BPM Suite e-formuls mode, the XML Upload Tool is a client server application designed to convert and transfer application-specific data to structured XML data which conforms with and validates all rules set in a pre-defined XML schema.

XML schemas define the general structure of the XML data, as well as the rules around data fields and elements defined in the schemas. In particular, they specify (in a user-friendly format) the validations and business rules that the XML schema will enforce on the incoming data.

So, what does this mean for you?

  • All your data being uploaded using the XML Upload Tool will be validated according to your business rules – you will never have to worry about the integrity or accuracy of your data!
  • Data will be stored in a structured and easy-to-read format, accessible from anywhere over the web.
  • All of your enterprise application’s data can be amalgamated into one web-accessible location – you can view all your data from anywhere over the web, on a mobile device, or on your wireless handheld device.

The schemas use XML version 1.0 protocol for data exchange between third-party applications and the eXFORMA application. The system is designed to work bi-directionally, transferring XML data into or out of different databases and data formats, using Web-services and SOAP APIs.

The XML schemas need to follow the same structure defined for each of the forms in the eXFORMA system. Only XML files that conform to the XML schemas provided are acceptable for upload, in order to ensure data accuracy and integrity. This ensures the required steps are followed from originating source of the data (usually a third-party solution) so eXFORMA can amalgamate all incoming data from various sources.

The upload feature performs validations on the incoming XML data to ensure data integrity and confirm that data validation rules are satisfied before uploading them on to the system.

Features Benefits
  • Easy to use XML engine with an eXFORMA front-end
  • Excellent flexibility with any enterprise applications or databases
  • Ensures up-to-date records from all enterprise applications are available from one single source
  • Maintains data integrity and accuracy through the elimination of redundant data
  • Reduced time, effort, and cost to collect data for your systems
  • Leverage your existing infrastructure with the power of XML
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