Inspection / Field Work Solutions

Groveware Technologies’ eXFORMA BPM Suite provides a one-of-a-kind data-gathering and inspection management process automation solution. This cost-efficient, easy to use software is customized to your organizations specific needs. Our application is user friendly, and allows for a flawless transition from paper-based to digital inspections providing a unified platform for fully integrated information management. eXFORMA’s rapid web application development tool allows for customized solutions to be implemented quickly and with no disruption to your day-to-day business practices allowing for the automation of all facets of your inspection process.

eXFORMA’s e-forms centric platform is intelligent and dynamic, making it an extremely versatile system, allowing for computers, tablet PC’s, BlackBerry® Smartphone, Google Android and Apple iPhone devices to interact in real-time.


  • Increased inspector mobility and accessibility
  • Scheduling and workflow for organizing and managing inspectors and inspections
  • Greater access to data at the inspection site
  • Maintains data integrity and accuracy
  • Up to the minute reporting online or offline
  • Elimination of redundant data entry
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced time, effort, and cost
  • Fast access to complete inspection forms and records on the go
  • Electronic time stamps for monitoring purposes
  • Customized e-mail notifications and acknowledgment messages
  • Security – Three distinct permission levels: groups, users and roles

eXFORMA’s mobile capabilities provide access to inspection records and forms while in the field. Data collection has never been so efficient or easy. Working offline or online, and with the ability to update data remotely and automatically, companies can eliminate the downtime and cost associated with bringing workers in from the field.

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