Kronos Workforce Central on BlackBerry

Groveware’s Mobile Task Manager provides a unified platform for extending workflow tasks from Kronos Workforce Central to BlackBerry smartphones. This new presentation layer for enterprise data makes it available anywhere and at anytime in the palm of your hand. The application works in both online and offline modes so users can work while travelling or in areas with poor wireless connectivity. Mobile Task Manager allows users to create and complete workflow tasks from WorkForce Central. This two way interaction means front-line, remote and mobile users can keep critical processes moving forward. Mobile Solutions for Kronos include punch, time and attendance, timesheets and leave requests.


In its simplest form MTM Punch allows mobile users to clock in/out on their Kronos timesheets using their BlackBerry device. This simple interface makes the act of clocking in/out from a BlackBerry device as easy as doing it on the web. Are your employees on sites in teams? MTM can handle crew punches as well. Supervisors and team leaders can be given the ability to clock time for an entire crew at the same time. MTM can also connect to the BlackBerry device GPS to provide an accurate location stamp of not only when a punch action occurred but from where as well. This information can provide work order validation to both customers and managers.

Time and Attendance

MTM provides managers the ability to perform remote approvals of timecards from their BlackBerry devices. Timecards can be sent from WorkForce Central in real-time or in batches on defined daily, weekly or bi-weekly basis and pushed down to the appropriate managers BlackBerry smartphone for approval. Managers can view the specific details of each individuals timecard, including highlighted exceptions and approve them all one at a time or in groups. Multiple views allow managers to make informed decisions on whether to approve or reject a timecard. Flagged exceptions force managers to acknowledge that they have reviewed any timecard which did not meet standard business practices. MTM can enforce business rules relating to manager approval of overtime, the handling of sick days and enforcement of late-in/early-out policies.


MTM provides users the ability to submit their timesheets from their BlackBerry device back to Kronos. WorkForce Central. Employees fill in their timecard using the interface on the BlackBerry smartphone. At the end of the week they submit their timecard back into the Kronos system where they can sign it off and submit it to their manager for approval.

Leave Requests

For Kronos clients which use the Request for Time-Off module of WorkForce Central, MTM provides both the ability for users to request time off directly from their device and for managers to approve those requests. An request for time off submitted from the BlackBerry device triggers the workflow in WorkForce Central which then creates the workflow task for the manager to approve the request. The request for approval is then available to the manager to approve over their BlackBerry device in the same manner and a timesheet approval.

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