The Calendar element appears as a textfield but with a small calendar button next to it. Clicking the calendar button opens a window with a calendar allowing the form user to select a calendar date from a visual representation. The selected date appears in the calendar field formatted to the Date Style selected in the elements properties.

An event may also be tied to this element, which allows an e-Form to be handled differently when specific dates or ranges are chosen.

On MobiTask

The calendar object displays as a tumbler on MobiTask. The tumbler can be adjusted using many of the properties on this element.


Datetime mode: The user can select whether the element will be used to capture the date only, the date and time, or the time only.

Time Style: defines whether time is recorded in 12hr or 24hr format.

Minutes Per Step: the tumbler for time can be adjusted to display the minute roll in increments such as 5, 10, 15, or 30 minute intervals.

Minimum/Maximum Values: the selectable dates or times can be influenced by other values including dynamic values on the form. For instance you can enforce that the end date be after the start date for an event by setting the minimum value for the end date as $(startDate) where startDate is the reference for the field which defines the start date.

You can also specify dates and times directly, like a minimum of 2014-01-01 and 2014-12-31 would mean the user must select a date in 2014. Setting 08:00 as a minimum and 17:00 as a maximum would mean that the user must select a time between 8am and 5pm.

Note that regardless of the format mask/style used in the date and time formats, these values are entered using SQLite database standard which is YYYY-MM-DD for dates and HH:MM for times (using a 24hr clock).

Button Type: Specifies the type of calendar/punch button to be displayed.

PopUp Select – standard calendar tumbler

No Button – used with autodate to just stamp a form without the user doing anything

Punch Button – a time-stamping object that allows you to “punch” multiple times

Punch Once – a single time-stamp object that disables itself after the user presses it

Autodate: Populates the current date into the field at the time specified, which is either on create of the form, or on save or submit.

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