GroveWare is excited to introduce you to our complete set of process automation tools. eXFORMA and MobiTask represent years of dedication and innovation to building leading edge infrastructure tools to help businesses streamline processes and improve operational efficiency.

The eXFORMA BPM Suite is the core platform upon which all of our tools are deployed and operate. It provides the management and design interfaces for building dynamic eforms, workflow and scheduling. eXFORMA also acts as a middleware solution managing the communication of our Mobile technologies; MobiTask, with other back-end systems.

This guide was written to provide a single resource with all the ins and outs of the eXFORMA BPM Suite and its related products/extensions. It was designed to be used by many different types of users, from web administrators and database administrators who typically control the installation and deployment of this application, to software administrators that will manage the application, designers who build forms and workflow, and right down to end-users that will use the final product. This guide is meant to be more of a reference than a set of step-by-step instructions to follow. Each use, instance and environment can differ greatly. In the end if you find the information in this guide insufficient for your specific application contact your GroveWare representative to receive alternative documentation, support or training.

You don’t have to read this guide from cover-to-cover to begin using eXFORMA. We recommend navigating the table of contents to find and read only the sections which may pertain to the concepts which interest you. Each chapter, where appropriate, also references other chapters and/or sections which relate to the same subject matter.

While this guide is eXFORMA centric you’ll also notice that we’ve made an effort to discuss implications for our Mobile tools within each section. At the end of each section where applicable there will be a heading labelled ‘Mobile’ which will discuss the relevant materials impact on the mobile client applications.











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