Overview of GroveWare Technologies

GroveWare Technologies specializes in the rapidly growing Mobile Business Process Management (BPM) marketplace. The company has developed an advanced e-form-centric mobile application, “MobiTask™” for use with all the mainstream wireless operating systems used by Smartphones and tablets such as: Apple iOS©, Android™ Smartphones, and Windows©.

GroveWare’s MobiTask™ is a single platform application compatible with all wireless devices such as: iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, etc. and employs a powerful core technology that has helped our company to become a leader in the field of “Rapid Mobile Application Development” for enterprises.

The MobiTask™ platform uniquely position the company to take advantage of the transformation that is currently taking place in the enterprise space – the massive shift from laptops to wireless tablets devices and the rush to develop productivity applications for enterprise use.

GroveWare’s products are totally suited to helping companies, governments and institutions gather and exchange data. In an environment were all commercial and government entities are seeking to find cost-saving and efficiency-gaining productivity tools, the increasingly sophisticated Smartphone and tablet hardware can now be paired with GroveWare’s software to generate productivity enhancements on a level not seen since the advent of micro-computers over 30 years ago.

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