New York State Department of Health

New York State Department of Health (NYH) has an ongoing Healthy Neighbourhoods Program in which a team of assessment officers conduct inspections of houses in order to provide residents with assistance to make their homes free of environmental health and safety hazards. Historically a paper-based process conducted by agency groups in each region where summary data is submitted to the State department monthly and can often be late or incomplete, providing insufficient assessment data.

GroveWare provided a prototype of an inspection form and training to two users who proceeded to build the inspection forms for the mobile application themselves. New York Health administrators wanted to ensure that the application could be maintained in house and that they could develop additional solutions to support other business areas.

Administrators have successfully built inspections forms for the Healthy Neighborhoods initiative using GroveWare’s eXFORMA Suite and MobiTask. Inspectors in various counties throughout the State are using the MobiTask application as their sole means of data collection. Upon submission of the forms, information is sent directly to the NYH database where it can be used immediately for up-to-date reporting, and management of inspection reports.

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH)

The New York City DOHMH used GroveWare to provide it with a field inspection solution for three programs: the Office of Public Health Engineering (PHE), the Building Water Supply Oversight (BWSO), and the Office of Radiological Health (ORH).
Solution included a public portal, scheduling, logistics for water samples, and inspections for:

  • Cooling Tower Inspections
  • Water Tank Inspections
  • Drinking Water Distribution Points
  • Beaches
  • Bathing Establishments (Pools, Spas, Saunas, Wading Pools, Spraygrounds)
  • Sanitary Surveys
  • Tanning Facilities
  • Radioactive Materials and Equipment

South Carolina’s Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations (SCDLLR)

The SCDLLR has been, and currently is, heavily relying on paper-based processes costing the department a hefty annual bill. One of the biggest challenges the SCDLLR faced was within their Elevator Inspection process. Specifically, the collection of data electronically and transferring it to the back-end ERP system. After thorough analysis, the decision was made to move to an electronic system in order to ensure timely, consistent and secure information flow between the office and field workers. The first objective was to automate data collection from the state-wide team of elevator inspectors and to ensure that correct and timely inspection data was relayed to the Department’s licensing authority.

GroveWare introduced SCDLLR to its enterprise application –MobiTask to provide the SCDLLR with the ability to deploy dynamic forms that pull and pre-populate account information as well as connect inspection data from the submissions to the back-end repository system. GroveWare added a large benefit to the SCDLLR by providing them with a device agnostic application; eliminating any need for creating, handling and storing paper forms; re-entering form data into their systems; and facilitating form retrieval for follow-up and prosecution of licensee violations etc. The 1-month turn around in the elevator inspection project gained such notoriety among the functional areas within the department that it went on to use MobiTask for:

  • Elevator Inspections
  • Amusement Parks and Rides
  • Pharmacies
  • Real Estate Boards
  • Funeral Homes, Cemeteries, Crematories

Timber Products Inspection

Timber Products Inspection (TP) is a third party inspection, testing and consulting company. TP recently acknowledged that the use of a paper-based inspection process was not aligned with its goals of providing the highest levels of quality assurance through accurate inspections conducted in a cost-effective, timely manner. With two offices and 60 inspectors throughout various states, TP’s inspection process is long and complex.

Timber was introduced to GroveWare through Verizon Wireless as a business solutions partner. GroveWare’s MobiTask proved to be the ideal solution for TP’s inspection process. The goals of the project is to streamline the inspection process, enhance quality assurance through reduced data error, and improve timeliness of the inspection process. The project goals will be achieved by replacing the current paper process with GroveWare’s mobile tablet-based solution, MobiTask.

NASA – Wallops Flight Facility

The research and responsibilities of Wallops Flight Facility are centered around the philosophy of providing a fast, low cost, highly flexible and safe response to meet the needs of the United States` aerospace technology interests and scientific research. This NASA facility needed a solution that would help them enhance their knowledge and project management capabilities, and allow them to provide greater customer satisfaction. They were also looking for a way to improve productivity and streamline their operation and business processes. They found all they needed with Groveware’s eXFORMA BPM Suite, a tool which gave them the power to create and control their own applications rapidly, aiding them in their pursuit in providing greater management capabilities and client satisfaction. Thanks to the eXFORMA rapid application development platform, the NASA Wallops Flight Facility had the power they needed to move forward in an efficient and productive manner!

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

The of Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care recognized that in a pandemic situation there was a lack of resource capacity within the Public Health Units to continue using the current Integrated Public Health Information System (iPHIS) data collection process. Each individual influenza pandemic case was entered manually, making it a long process. Still, the Public Health Division required aggregate case information, and thus a solution was necessary that would provide for various health organizations to report their aggregate information as efficiently as possible. They chose the eXFORMA BPM Suite to assist them with this task.

Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion

The Ministry of Health Promotion launched the Smoke-Free Ontario initiative on May 31st, 2006. In order to ensure that the rules were enforced, local public health units carried out inspections and investigated complaints of non-compliance in enclosed public places. These inspectors needed a way of efficiently recording their information, instead of the manual process in place before. Groveware’s eXFORMA BPM Suite and eXFORMA Mobile solution played a major role in the solution to this issue: the Tobacco Inspection Data Collection Tool (TIDCT). This mobile data collection and inspection system allowed the Ministry of Health Promotion to regulate and enforce the Smoke-Free Ontario initiative. The strength of our solutions, capabilities, proven success, and relevant experience allowed Groveware to create a TIDCT solution that was sustainable, relevant, and implemented quickly.

Ontario Energy Board

Ontario Energy Board is responsible for regulating natural gas and electricity utilities. This includes setting just and reasonable rates. They also license all participants in the electricity sector as well as natural gas marketers who sell to low volume customers. The OEB decided they needed a new approach to how they collected regulatory submissions from their generators, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. Data was being submitted manually and needed to be re-keyed into various systems. The manual process was time consuming and prone to errors. Groveware’s eXFORMA BPM Suite provided a very cost-effective way for Ontario Energy Board to automate the process of collecting ERF submissions. The system eliminated the need for staff to re-key data, increased the accuracy of information, and greatly simplified the process.

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