Qatar Olympic Committee

Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) put out an RFP for a Mobile Self-Service Application Project that would allow field workers in various locations to submit data to Oracle EBS remotely using their Blackberry Smartphone. Employees of QOC are spread out in various locations throughout Qatar, but are all managed through the same office. QOC needed a way to manage employee self-services from the field in order to reduce the time between: a) need to perform a self-service and actually performing the self-service and b) performing the self-service and having it approved. The application had to have an easy-to-use user interface while still performing complex tasks.

GroveWare’s unique ability to provide users with a mobile data collection solution that integrates directly with Oracle EBS Self-Services via Blackberries made them the unique answer for QOC’s needs. GroveWare used its Mobile Task Manager (MTM) interface built for Blackberries, to act as a data-input source from users that connects to GroveWare’s eXFORMA Middleware which is integrated with Oracle EBS. The system allows users to carry out various Oracle EBS tasks -Inquiries (Salary Details, Leave Balance, Monthly Salary, Loan Balance, Rank Details) and Requests (Leave, Cancel Leave, Return Leave, Loan, Certificate, Permission, Exit Permit, Complaints) as well as their respective approvals by managers.

QOC has been using the application for over a year now and has been successfully managing employees’ requests and managers approvals from the field instantaneously, without one piece of paper!

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