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Project Introduction

USDA-NRSC has teamed up with GroveWare to implement the mobile inspection MobiPed 1.0 solution for the National Soil Survey Center Project. The USDA-NRCS’s current processes are mostly paper-based and budget and efficiency considerations encourage that more cost-efficient methods be used to collect and communicate data collected by soil scientists during their field investigations of the nation’s soil resources. The project goal is to make the Soil Survey forms available to complete and submit directly to the database on mobile devices for the NRCS’s network of soil scientists stationed across the county.


The first step is to download the demo version of the application. You can find all instructions of how to download and setup the application in the PDF document below.

USDA Demo Download Instructions

Forms: There are currently two forms available on the application:

  1. Pedon Description Form
  2. Field Observation Entry Form.

Acquiring Licenses

Software licenses are acquired directly through GroveWare which includes software support. Training can be purchase additionally. Follow the link below to contact GroveWare about license procurement and a representative from GroveWare will respond to you within 24 business hours.

  1. Complete the License Request Here: Contact Groveware
  2. You will receive an email confirmation of the License Request. (Please note, if you do not receive a confirmation email, the submission has not been processed.)
  3. GroveWare will contact you directly to discuss license agreements.


All hardware will be acquired and supported through Verizone Wireless. Tablets can be purchased through your Verizon Account Manager. Please contact them for details.

If you have any questions please contact us at: go@groveware.com


Question: What hardware options do we have for MobiPed?

Answer: MobiPed can run on tablet and smartphone devices that run compatible operating systems. Popular choices for tablets and smartphones include: Apple iPhone and iPad; Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Note, SIII; and Motorola Droid Xyboard.

Question: What operating systems are compatible with MobiPed?

Answer: MobiPed is built on the Adobe AIR platform and is therefore compatible with many different operating systems including: Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry QNX, Windows 7 and Windows 8 desktop.

Question: Will there be other forms available to Soil Scientists on MobiPed?

Answer: The Pedon SF232 form was selected as it is one of the most complicated USDA-NRCS forms on the theory that if the app can handle this data entry than it can easily handle all other forms. USDA-NRCS does have plans to automate other forms in the future. If you have an urgent need for a form, contact GroveWare directly at: go@groveware.com

Question: Where do the photos from the form go once the form is submitted?

Answer: Currently, the NASIS import routine does not accept images. The photos will be sent as a PDF attachment in an email to the submitter once the form has been submitted. In the future, USDA-NRCS is looking into content management system to handle image import.

Question: Can you attach more than one photo per description on the SF232?

Answer: Currently the form is limited to one picture in order to limit the size of the form. MobiTask has the ability to attach multiple pictures to one form, therefore to one description. This can be achieved by adding a repeat function that allows you to add as many pictures as you need. The other option would be to add a static number of picture fields to form. This point will be taken into consideration during the review process post-implementation and frequent usage of the form in the field.

Question: Will it be possible to import plant choice lists into MobiPed? There does not appear to be a way to enter plant data at the moment.

There will not be a way to import custom plant choice lists into MobiPed for the time being. Although not shown in the demo version, users will be provided a complete plant choice list based on the current set of data contained within the Localplant table of NASIS and PedonPC. Although numerous and overkill in many places it will provide every valid plant Id to the user in the field. The same can also holds true for Ecological Site Ids. We apologize, but we were unable to provide this in the demo release.

Question: Is there a way of testing the download of the MobiPed to see that the data is accurate once it gets into the NASIS database?

Answer: There is currently no way for a user to test the data import on our demo release. However the integration has been tested by Dave Hoover, Paul Finnell, George Teachman and Henry Ferguson of USDA and was signed off as being complete and accurate.

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