Work Order Management

Emory Hill Real Estate

Emory Hill Real Estate is a full-service commercial real estate firm with service personnel providing property management and maintenance services to their own and third party properties. Emory Hill faced a challenge of managing work orders and field personnel at properties across the country where currently work orders are paper processed and field personnel meet and return to offices throughout the day to retrieve and complete work orders.

GroveWare provided Emory Hill with a mobile service management solution using GroveWare’s MobiTask™ and the eXFORMA™ Suite of products. GroveWare completed both a service order form and workflow, and integrated them with an existing Emory Hill client database where service orders can be assigned against existing accounts. The application has been deployed to agents in the field who receive work orders on their tablet devices that have been dispatched from the office.

The project implementation was seamless as dispatchers and field personnel happily took ownership of their self-managed application. Emory Hill was so pleased with the application, they came back to GroveWare for a timecard solution. GroveWare was able to quickly created a timecard that field personnel can complete and submit daily from the field. Emory Hill is a perfect example of a GroveWare client that has been able to take advantage of the MobiTask application for all of its mobile data capture needs!

Vance Johnson Plumbing Company (VJP)

VJP was heavily reliant on a paper process for capturing work order data in the field. The process was costly and time-consuming, causing administration to be in the office for hours the night before payroll re-entering information. The biggest challenge for VJP was enforcing the business rules of the forms. GroveWare’s objectives were to mobilize field workers by use of tablets, reduce administrative time spent on payroll and enforce all business rules associated with the process in a user-friendly way.

GroveWare provided VJP with its eXFORMA solution, running on the Samsung Galaxy tablets. Dynamic forms were built made up of a specification sheet, checklist and payroll form, all of which enforce business rules such as mandatory fields. The payroll form was automated for users as it calculates the total owed for each once they have selected their work completed. Submitted forms are emailed to the office for fast and easy billing!

Users were able to adopt the technology quickly with a comprehensive user manual and full support from GroveWare. While implementing the project, VJP realized the potential in leveraging the Web-Mobile solution. Additional tablets was ordered for managers for who we built a Purchase Order form and Supervisor Checklists. GroveWare has been able to completely eliminate duplicate data input, dramatically reduce the administration time necessary for payroll, and streamline communication processes leading to fewer data errors and faster receivables on accounts.

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