All of Groveware’s products are based on the company’s proprietary software – the eXFORMA BPM Suite. This is Groveware’s strategic BPM solution for rapidly developing and deploying web-based forms solutions. Packaged and integrated inside eXFORMA are: an advanced e-form creator and manager, a sophisticated workflow engine, a calendar and resource manager, extensive mobility modules and tools, a document management system, and a superior reporting application. This complete suite gives business users the ability to create and manage all types of information and processes, no matter how complicated, using only a standard web browser interface.

eXFORMA allows businesses to automate and validate the flow of information within their organization using the sophisticated jBPM workflow engine. eXFORMA is written purely in Java and XML, using J2EE, XForms, and an extremely open standards based architecture – giving organizations the power to leverage their existing technical infrastructures with XML and other widely used open standards available today. This means that the eXFORMA BPM Suite is a truly scalable and flexible solution which can fit into any current and future enterprise IT environment with no hassles.

Features of eXFORMA BPM Suite:

  • Easily create and manage e-forms with a point-and-click visual interface
  • Enhance and make business processes more efficient with the instant validations and business rule enforcement tools
  • A highly flexible, easy-to-use, and sophisticated jBPM workflow engine to visually model and enforce business processes
  • Extend the workplace and allow real-time data to reach every employee of the enterprise with the extensive mobility products and tools
  • Ensure all enterprise data is available to managers when they need it from a powerful web-based reporting interface
  • Web-enable their complex business processes in days
  • Ensure data integrity with a robust security for sensitive and critical information

Benefits of eXFORMA BPM Suite:

  • No Assembly Required! Ready to go straight out-of-the-box
  • No Client Software to be Installed! 100% browser-based
  • No Third Party Software! Single platform that encompasses all you need to develop complete, robust web applications
  • No Chains Attached! Take forms and data out into the field on a Tablet or Smartphone, with real-time access to your data

How It Works:

eXFORMA integrates with LDAP, Active Directory, and company databases with an easy-to-use, point-and-click mapping tool. Once connected to a database, the flow of information between users, systems and databases is handled by eXFORMA’s state-of-the-art workflow engine, which also maintains audit trails of information change and flow within your organization. eXFORMA uses the data along with advanced report templates to display and print fully customized reports of your data in many formats.

The eXFORMA BPM Suite truly is a one-of-a-kind platform for building and managing all of an enterprise’s web applications. With the advanced SmartForms creator for data collection, a sophisticated and powerful workflow engine for business rule validations and information routing, a wide array of mobility products to extend the workplace out into the field, and a slew of other incredible tools to assist with the business needs of any process, it is no wonder that the eXFORMA BPM Suite is one of the top BPM solutions available on the market today.

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