Core Platform

XML Engine, Web and Application Server – eXFORMA’s core engine is an XML-based, JEE platform that combines the ability to manage XML data through a JEE-based application server. The system acts as the central web server through which all forms, applications, workflows, reports, database applications and security are defined and served.

Custom Email Notifications

Applications can be designed to issue custom email messages and notifications as soon as data has been collected. This automation feature allows individuals or groups of individuals to be notified that a submission has been generated and can also provide a link within the email to the submissions. This precursor to full-fledged workflow can meet the needs of many organizations that simply need to be notified of incoming data and act upon it. eXFORMA enables the designer to design an email notification message that combines data from the form. In fact, data from the form can even be used in to, cc, bcc, subject and message bodies to provide a great degree of freedom and control in the delivery of the message.

Web Services API

A web services API is available to allow external systems to query eXFORMA. This service could be used to integrate with other systems if information needs to flow from eXFORMA to another company system.

LDAP/Active Directory Integration

If your organization has already made an investment in LDAP or Active Directory technology (technology that manages users and groups), eXFORMA can tie directly to these internal services to obtain user and group lists. Connectivity to LDAP and Activity Directory is performed in real-time (as opposed to batch mode) allowing eXFORMA to seamlessly fit into your corporate environment. eXFORMA security administrators can now enforce security at the group and user level using pre-established groups and users available in the corporate directory.

Corporate Database Integration

Connecting and using corporate database information has never been easier. Database records can now be read into forms and true “applications” can be built simply and reliably. The data from your databases can also be updated automatically as soon as a user submits a form. In fact, eXFORMA allows you to manage data from multiple sources on a single screen – giving you a true “data virtualization” layer to your information. By coupling this with our workflow and reporting engine, you have a complete tool to create sophisticated, powerful information applications delivered instantaneously over the web. Concerned about security? The database-binding engine can be secured by group or user. Security can be enabled to allow only those users/groups with the correction permissions to perform database actions. In fact, eXFORMA will also manage permissions on those users that are allowed to create applications with those databases. These security and control ensure that data integrity is maintained at every level.

Secure Forms and Form Sections

Using the core engine’s permission structure, forms can also be secured from unauthorized use. This includes permissions assigned at both the group and user level. In addition to managing authorization at the form level, eXFORMA permits you to manage authorization at the field and section level within the form or application. The additional granularity gives you the ability to create “For HR Use Only” sections, for example, quickly and effortlessly. This section-level permission when combined with notifications and workflow can be a powerful tool to automate a process that contains sensitive data. Designers can build forms that can either make the information invisible to the users or provide the information in read-only mode to prevent data modification.

Business Rules Engine

The JBoss Business Rules Engine allows for full automation of business rules. It is fully integrated into the eXFORMA platform and in combination with workflow permits for a level of automation that is unparalleled. Intelligent workflow automation and a strict business rules engine helps organizations to become more efficient and organized when capturing, processing, and reporting on data.

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