Forms and Application Designer

The forms and application designer allows the quick and effortless creation of web-based forms and applications using the core engine as a delivery platform. Using only a browser, designers can easily create powerful, dynamic data capture and review screens that incorporate validations, enforce required fields, auto generate pull-down menus, use custom appearance and formatting as well as intelligent, content-sensitive collection of data. The forms also support spell-check, save as draft, pagination and multi-language support, as well as a host of other display and control features.

Workflow and Business Process Automation

eXFORMA’s business process automation platform is based on the powerful JEE-based platform – JBPM. Using our Java Graphical Process Designer, eXFORMA allows users to model their workflows using meaningful symbols and logic to define how information will flow between people and systems. The workflow engine manages the notifications and the completion of tasks necessary to complete the business process. All business processes are completed over the web, eliminating the need to “rollout” software to automate the process. The process is simply modeled with our modeling tool, and applied to a form or application. The system takes care of the notifying the users involved in the process and enforcing the completion of the workflow. The workflow also supports escalations and also can be used to ensure Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are being met.

Document Management

eXFORMA manages forms and applications and the flow of information between people and systems including traditional unstructured documents. Documents can be brought into eXFORMA and permissions for review and edit can be assigned. Versions are automatically managed with check-in, check-out capability. Users can optionally register to receive notifications when documents are checked-out, checked-in, unlocked and deleted.

Reporting Engine

JasperReports is highly scalable, powerful JEE enterprise reporting platform. eXFORMA has pre-integrated JasperReports to allow users to define and apply customized reports against data from eXFORMA’s repository simply and easily. JasperReports supports a number of formats such as PDF, Excel and HTML. Simply use your favorite Jasper report writer to create your report and transfer it into eXFORMA. eXFORMA will manage your reports, allowing you to run new reports and recall previously run reports all from within the eXFORMA environment.

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures are used for security and non-repudiation, i.e. ensuring that people that have approved some information cannot deny approving it. eXFORMA automates this by enabling Digital Signatures at both the form and section level. This unique and powerful capability brings the full power of the tool to bear in replacing existing processes that require manual signatures and approvals. In fact, information that requires multiple signatures can also be automated with individual index.php?option=com_content&view=users being able to sign their individual appropriate sections on the form – this models virtually all single and multi-form needs where signatures are required.

Dynamic Custom Workspace(s)

The custom workspace acts as the portal and user workspace. Multiple workspaces can be made available to users, each with its own customized look and specific functions. Large companies and organizations can have all of its departments working from the same eXFORMA system, with a specific and customized user workspace created to work according to each department’s needs. This makes data collection and data flow within the organization immediate, reducing time and effort needed for tasks to be completed.

Calendar and Resource Manager

eXFORMAs calendar and resource management tool allows for a flexible and extremely functional event and resource management system. With the power of the eXFORMA platform, events and resources can be created and managed in a fraction of the time and cost. eXFORMA’s intelligent workflow system helps companies to receive the data and organize their resources effectively and quickly to complete the task.

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