User Training

End-user training is available for your user-community on how to use the eXFORMA system and on how users can create custom forms. Administrative training is available to your IT staff to help them manage the eXFORMA environment. Groveware will work with you to implement a training plan that ensures that the system is used correctly to improve customer service and productivity. Groveware offers web-training courses as well as onsite classroom setting training. There are two training modules available. (i) A one day (7.5hrs) general user eXFORMA form design course. (ii) A three day eXFORMA form design and Advanced Administration course. Please speak with your account representative for more information on training, the fee structure and to schedule a training session for your eXFORMA users.

Technical Support

Groveware offers tailored support services, ranging from standard business hours to round the clock support. Our technical service representatives are available to meet the needs of our clients.

Limited Hosting

Hosted solutions are also available. Groveware offers, to its clients only, the option of subscribing for the complete managed services of eXFORMA, including the providing of all hardware and software for hosting the application, internet access, technical support, application support, and backup services. Partial managed hosting service contracts are also available. Please speak with your account representative for more details.

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