eXFORMA BPM Solutions

Your business knows no boundaries so why should your IT?

Automate the flow of information within your organization – between people and departments, to and from systems and databases, up to managers and executives, through to customers and suppliers. Groveware’s eXFORMA BPM Suite can increase employee productivity and reduce business operating costs in any organization environment. Our BPM solutions leverage the true power of XML to streamline business processes and improve operational efficiency. Our use of open standards makes our solutions easy to integrate within existing infrastructure. These solutions make it possible for businesses to leverage their existing IT investments, dramatically increasing existing ROI and delivering tangible benefits today. Groveware solutions can provide seemless interaction and exchange of information between web, mobile and wireless users.

How Does It Work?

eXFORMA is Groveware strategic process automation platform. This BPM suite is the basis of all of our solutions. eXFORMA allows users to build web-enabled processes in days using browser-based forms and workflow editors. These point-and-click interfaces allow even non-technical users to model complex workflows with no programming knowledge necessary. The resulting process can be published to the web in seconds available for all users to view. New applications and processes are synchronized with mobile Tablets and Smartphones in real-time. Create a single form online – use it anywhere.

Is an Automated Solution Right for You?

Manual and semi-automated processes are a breeding ground for errors.

Employee Errors

  • Transcription
  • Incomplete form entry
  • Incorrect, unchecked form data

Supervisor Errors

  • Difficulty catching employee errors
  • Subjective interpretation of rules
  • Wasted time on tedious work

System Errors

  • Poor, if any data validation
  • Delayed reporting
  • Rules applied improperly or not at all

Benefits of an Automated Solution:

  • Cost Savings:
    • Paper
    • Office Storage Space
    • Staff handling Paper
  • Staff:
    • Reduce the number of employees dealing with paperwork and manual tasks
  • Visibility:
    • Audit Trails
    • Electronic Forms enabling visibility over your processes
    • Complete storage in database or repository
  • Compliance:
    • Legal Requirements
    • Government Regulations
    • Lost Documents
    • Data Security
  • Efficiency:
    • Improves Organizational Efficiency
    • Minimizes Risks
    • Enforces Organizational Policies
  • Environmental:
    • Helps to reduce Forest Degradation
    • Decreases use of Chemicals, Water and Energy
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