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Running a school district is never easy, especially in these trying times. Everyone depends on the district to provide timely and accurate information for informed decision-making. Communication between all stakeholders is crucial and critical. You depend on technology to help provide you with the ability to coordinate information flow between all parties. Your district needs a simple but comprehensive web-based solution that SAVES TIME and MONEY.

For school districts alike implementing web-based solutions can be a nightmare. We’ve developed a unique, educational specific, ONE STOP TURN KEY solution for gathering and disseminating district wide information through web-based central Calendaring, Scheduling, Resource Management and Web Forms. We have worked with K-12 administrators and the higher education community to test and implement our software. Our client list includes many school districts including; Osceola County – Florida, Berrien, Kent, Lenawee and Ingham County Intermediate School Districts in Michigan and institutions such as the University of North Carolina, Drury University and Belmont University. We have also worked with Chicago Public Schools, Detroit Public Schools, San Francisco Public Schools and Los Angeles Unified School Districts. We are also working with the fastest growing school district in the United States, Loudoun County Public Schools.

Sample Calendar Uses From Our Clients:

  • District Master Event Calendar
  • District Athletic Calendar
  • Individual School Events & Activities Calendar
  • Staff Development Calendar
  • Superintendent Calendar and/or Principals’ Calendar (Private)
  • Technology Development and Facilities Calendar
  • Adult/Community Education Calendar
  • Teachers Training Calendar

Reource Manager for Managing the Booking of:

  • Class and Meeting Rooms
  • Buses and other Vehicles
  • Gyms/ Auditoriums
  • Substitute Teachers
  • Sports, Computer and A/V Equipment
  • Labs and Lab Equipment

eXFORMA uses for Internal and External Forms:

  • Course, Training, Seminar, Athletics Registration
  • Requisitions/Order Forms/Purchase Orders
  • Surveys and Feedback questionnaires
  • Online testing and exams
  • Job Applications and Recruitment
  • Professional Development
  • Employee Services
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