Mobile Time & Attendance

MobiTask makes it simple to submit time & attendance from the field!

MobiTask makes it easy for your business to ensure accurate and timely processing of payroll by receiving daily or weekly timecards from the field! Empower employees by providing them with the ability to submit time and attendance directly to the office using their tablet or smartphone device from the field.

MobiTask is able to easily convert your paper-based processes payroll process into one fluid electronic Time & Attendance process from the field to the office to your payroll system.

Time and Attendance Field Collection Options

Timecards: Custom-built or out of the box, timecards can easily be created to meet your specific business needs and goals. Timecard s can be sent to managers on their own tablet or smartphone device for approval before heading back to the office.

Out of the box examples (By Employee or by Job):

  • Individual, daily timecards
  • Individual, weekly timecards
  • Group, daily timecards
  • Group, weekly timecards

Clock In/Out:
A simple ‘Punch’ button will allow employees to time and location stamp their beginning and end of days. These punches can be sent directly to ERP systems such as Kronos Workforce Central for approval.

Time and Attendance within Work Orders: Eliminate timecards all together! Most work orders need to associate time and attendance with them, use this time for payroll and have an additional timecard for non-work order related times, such as shop time.

Integrating with Your Payroll System

Direct Integration

MobiTask can directly integrate with ERP systems and backend databases to eliminate duplicate data entry. To eliminate administrators re-entering timecard information, employee’s time and attendance can be sent for approval to their manager and once approved, sent directly to into the payroll system.

Timecard Exports

Some payroll systems are closed and will not allow you to directly integrate with their system. A great alternative to integration is an export file. All time and attendance submitted in any form can be exported as a report in Excel broken down as needed. Exports can be created specifically for your payroll system for easy imports or simply as a breakdown of all submissions for a given period of time.

Benefits of GroveWare’s HR Solution

MobiTask increases operational efficiencies for human resources and personnel processes by:

  • Providing seamless information flow between field workers, payroll department and managers.
  • Improving reporting and payroll with real-time data capture to provide a true picture of organizational operations.
  • Reducing labour intensive processes and operational costs associated with your paper-based payroll processes.

GroveWare’s experienced team of professionals will spend time analyzing your current timecard and payroll process to develop a customized solution to meet all of your business needs. Your organization’s existing paper forms will be replaced with electronic versions that are managed within eXFORMA’s workflow system, ensuring all business rules are met and all required data is captured. MobiTask provides administrators with a central web-based access point for all of their needs, including approval, reporting and viewing archives to make it fast and easy to manage timecard submissions. Providing this responsibility to employees will be empower them to properly manage their own profiles out of the office; and by storing and re-using data, you will be reducing redundant data entry and simplifying complex forms.

A dynamic web-based e-forms and workflow platform that communicates with employees on their tablet or smartphone to interact in real-time making efficiency portable. This web based tool allows employees and HR personnel to easily manage the entire spectrum of electronic forms used throughout their processes. eXFORMA’s extensive workflow engine allows for the automation of virtually any business process using the MobiTask application.


  • Real time communication between the office and employees in the field.
  • Reduce wasted time by completing and submitting employee requests from the field; managers can approve requests from their device in the field.
  • Improve customer needs assessment with access to the most up-to-date customer information; ability to update/change customer information in real-time.
  • Ensure payroll is completed accurately and on time with daily timecard submissions from the field.
  • MobiTask runs offline to allow workers in areas of poor connection, access to e-forms in order to complete paperwork onsite.
  • Web-based administrative interface allows access to timecards from anywhere using an internet browser.

This application allows for complete automation of forms, workflow and reporting. It is a sustainable, low cost and expandable platform which allows for greater efficiency for your business and results in savings of time, money and frustration.

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