Mobile at Work Using
Cloud Computing

Allows in-the-field employees to access electronic forms, workflow tasks, documents and time sheets in real-time – stored on the cloud.

Smart Solutions for Mobilizing Enterprise ERP

Runs business-critical processes on tablets and smartphones, integrating with Oracle EBS, SAP, MS Dynamics or any proprietary ERP.

On-the-Go Customizable Inspection Solutions

Incorporates a mobile data capture tool that is easily customized and integrated with any business process and existing inspection system and database.

End-to End Solutions for
In-the-Field Staff

Dispatch tickets, record labor costs, parts & materials usage, equipment utilization, track travel expenses, issue invoices, and collect payments directly to/from tablets or smartphones.

Integrated Solutions for Mobile Professionals

Use the cloud to access records, perform assessments and record findings, while updating back-end systems from anywhere.

Proven Solutions for Mobile Business Processes

GroveWare Technologies specializes in the rapidly growing Mobile Business Process Management (BPM) marketplace. Our advanced e-form-centric mobile platform, MobiTask™, helps companies, governments and institutions gather and exchange data on the go and in the field. MobiTask works on all mainstream wireless operating systems including Apple iOS©, Android™, and Windows®.
The MobiTask™ platform uniquely positions GroveWare to take advantage of the transformation that is currently taking place in the enterprise space – the massive shift from laptops to wireless devices and the rush to develop productivity applications for enterprise use. Smartphones and tablets can now be paired with MobiTask™ software to generate productivity enhancements on a level not seen since the advent of microcomputers over 30 years ago.



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