Home Health Care

GroveWare empowers agencies with software solutions to optimize operations and achieve compliance.

Home Health Care

Running a Home Health Agency presents unique challenges. Coordinating care is complex, visits must be validated, data integrity is paramount and the regulatory landscape is shifting.

Comprehensive Solutions

GroveWare’s platform can be configured to help you run a more efficient and compliant agency. Data collection and process automation is at the core of what we do. Our HIPAA compliant software applications reduce administrative burden for our customers and ensure compliance with mandates set out by legislation such as the 21st Century Cures Act. 



Custom inspection flows for the nuances of operations, to ensure the work site is compliant.


As certain events are triggered,  custom designed workflows are initiated to save time, and reduce errors.


Create timestamped and verified logs of the safety program you have fulfilled, ensuring government satisfaction.


Generate regular reports detailing important metrics, saving time preparing for regular meetings.

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