Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Software for
Kansas Home Health Agencies


Achieve Full Compliance with GroveWare’s EVV Application

Full EVV Attribution

GroveWare is an approved alternative EVV Vendor for the state of Kansas. Our EVV application is a proven solution which is robust, easy to use and ready for immediate deployment. We can also configure our application to provide additional functionality to help your agency operate more efficiently. 

“GroveWare’s software helped us achieve complete EVV compliance. Our relationship with GroveWare extends for many years and they always deliver robust, user friendly solutions to help us run an efficient and compliant agency.

Minds Matter, LLC



GPS tracking confirms site and duration of visit.


Clock-in, clock-out functionality provides precise time tracking.

Full Attribution

Capture all mandated data and validate data integrity for full EVV compliance.  

Secure Transfer to EVV Aggregators

Our Solution is platform-agnostic and integrates with all state EVV Aggregators.

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