Time is of the essence

Report incidents fast, wherever they happen with RapidReport


Manage all incident reporting in one place, on any device, at any time.

Distance is a problem

Officers are mostly on patrol, making it hard to relay incident information back to administrative workers who need it to manage the case.

Data is also trapped in text documents and without structure, making it hard to gain insights from the information captured.

The solution

RapidReport solves these problems by allowing officers to rapidly collect incident data, quickly share it and instantly derive intelligent conclusions from it, closing the gap between the officers and the station.

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Incident Reporting

The System of Record for incidents that are handled by the police department, wherever they happen.


As certain events are triggered, custom designed workflows are set off to save time, and reduce errors.


Observe visual trends in incident types and frequency over time, giving more meaning to your data.


Generate pre-designed reports detailing incidents, saving time for  monthly meeting.

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