MobiTask is a data & task management, and process automation solution for all smartphones and tablets. MobiTask provides a unified platform on a mobile device for extending and completing workflow tasks from multiple client-side enterprise software applications. As a COTS solution, it allows organizations to rapidly deploy mobile solutions for workers on the go. MobiTask provides employees with the convenience of using dynamic electronic forms to collect field data, manage workflow tasks wirelessly, store documents locally and integrates quickly with most ERP systems and back-end databases.

Benefits of MobiTask

  • Increased employee mobility and accessibility
    • Fast access to completed forms and tasks on the go
    • Greater access to decision data by field employees
  • Mobilizes workflow
    • Organize and manage workflow processes between employees, clients and the office
  • Increased data integrity and accuracy
    • Eliminate duplicate data entry
    • Connect to database/ERP system to pull accurate client records
  • Reduce time and effort throughout the workflow process
    • Elimination of redundant data entry at the office
  • Real time transfer of data
    • Bill clients immediately
    • Up-to-date client records
  • Improve accountability throughout workflow process
    • Electronic time stamps with GPS coordinates for validating data collection point and employee tracking
    • Customized e-mail notifications and acknowledgment messages for data capture
  • Security – Fully encrypted data

Workflow 101

Workflow is a sequence of connected tasks with a circular relationship that must have a start and end – everything in-between is customized to your process. MobiTask aids workflow processes by allowing steps to be completed on tablet and smartphone devices whether online or offline.

MobiTask is equipped with workflow capabilities which communicate with the web-based eXFORMA portal. Our workflow processes are built around one or more forms that are started by one user and pushed to the next user assigned to on the form. Workflow is custom designed to meet your business needs; whether your technicians want to initiate the workflow process in the field, or you want to begin the process from the office, or if you need a step for approvals or reviews. We will custom build a workflow process to meet your business needs!

  • Compliance Inspections
  • Service Orders
  • Accident Reporting





Backend Integration

MobiTask users can directly enter data into any application such as Oracle® e-Business Suite™PeopleSoft™MS Dynamics™ and Kronos® Workforce Central™, among others. Users can wirelessly clock-in/out, approve and initiate workflow tasks, or use dynamic e-Forms for inspections, service orders, licensing and data collection all from their mobile device.

Groveware’s advanced BPM Solution, eXFORMA unifies tasks for each user from each system and delivers those tasks remotely to the MobiTask client application on their tablet/smartphone. This two-way interaction provides benefits to the productivity of your business and the work/life balance of the people within it.

Sample Uses

  • Work/Service Order Management
  • Ticketing
  • Timecards
  • Sales Tools
  • Inspections

Form Functionality

Signature Capture

GPS Capture

 Camera – Embed Images on Form with Time and Date Stamp and Geotag

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