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The Healthcare Mission is to provide and deliver exemplary patient care and advance health care through research and education.

Issues Facing Healthcare

The costs of delivering healthcare in Ontario, in Canada and even throughout North America are on the rise. The inescapable trend of demographics suggests that healthcare spending will continue to grow through the next decade and beyond. Major expenses such as drugs, medical/surgical supplies, diagnostic and treatment technology and inflationary effect are beyond a hospital’s control. It is without a doubt that the need for more personnel will increase, and an effective strategy to manage these resources will be required so that the strain on business processes does not compromise the healthcare service to patients. Most budgets do not reflect the true cost of providing care. Clearly, staff reductions or the elimination of services will reduce costs but these are not the answer. Although Governments have committed to provide additional funding, it is clear it may not be enough to continue to provide exemplary patient care, research and education within the system. Service quality, program integrity, and cost effectiveness will be challenged without the adoption of well designed processes to increase efficiencies while continuing to deliver the same level of service.

Key Issues

• Increased Stress on Service Levels
• Limited Qualified Resources available
• Increased Focus on Cost Management
• Increased Emphasis on Performance and ROI
• Need for Rationalization

Information Technology can help by managing the flow of information and improving internal processes.

“Three factors should be considered in the decision to adopt emerging technologies for use in the healthcare environment. First, the technology must contribute to lowering the overall costs incurred in the delivery of healthcare services. Second, the technology should offer a competitive advantage. Finally, the technology should have an impact in improving patient care.” Elliott, J. “Nine Hot Technology Trends.” Healthcare Informatics,

Technology Solutions

One proven way information technology can help to control costs and improve service is through the streamlining of administrative business processes. Most Healthcare organizations are burdened with forms and manual process that are inefficient and create unnecessary work and cost. Luckily, the greatest return-on-investment of any business application is derived by automating the use and processing of manual forms and processes.

Interactive electronic forms (Web Forms) and advanced workflow reduce costly errors, streamline operations and increase overall customer (employee) responsiveness, which ultimately improves service and reduces costs thus leaving more dollars for patient care related investments.

Groveware Technologies has developed a methodology that streamlines business processes through Forms Management that creates efficiencies and lowers costs providing high value opportunities to the health organizations.

Groveware’s advanced web-based Healthcare solutions include e-referral systems, patient and disease tracking systems, continuum care delivery systems and employee service management systems.

Sample Solution: Pandemic Surveillance

In the wake of SARS our Government Client identified they had inadequate resources to monitor and support a pandemic situation. Groveware provided a team to design, develop and deliver a system that would improve the collection and availability of case data from Public Health Units, Hospitals, Assessment Centres and Nursing Homes during a pandemic. The system provided an interface where administrators could submit daily and weekly reports on cases to Government experts who could then review and advise on the situation. Used by all of the different PHUs, hospitals and care facilities the portal application was designed with to work with all of the unique business requirements and to be user friendly with a simple data collection interface.

Sample Solution: Diabetes Assessment

Our Healthcare client was looking to have a better understanding of patient data related to identified outcomes. Groveware provided a standardized tool and process for measuring and collecting qualitative and quantitative patient data. Using the eXFORMA BPM Suite Groveware provided a web-portal and forms for Diabetes Educators to perform patient assessments and collect and compare patient data.

Sample Solution: e-Referral

The eXFORMA BPM Suite was used to automate the referral and delivery process for home care and hospitals. Groveware developed an Intake Workflow System which is a fully automated, end-to-end electronic intake process using HL7 v3 messaging and connecting to a multitude of hospital and homecare systems and databases. The workflow process connects with a Hospital electronic health record system using Web Services. The Intake Workflow System automates the entire registration process including; pre-registration, patient consent, assessment for services, eligibility for available services, service ordering, equipment and supplies ordering and service orders generation. Once the orders have been generated, the Service Provider Algorithm which is built into the system determines the Service Provider who will deliver the service and automatically sends a service request notification. This algorithm is based on service provider volume consumption and contract allotments with the client. Finally, the system feeds into the financial system for billing.

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